Entanglement Capital makes angel investments (<$100) and VC co-investments ($1-10M) into Quantum Information Science (QIS) ventures that can show an experienced technical and business team, a product MVP, and an actionable business plan to deliver revenue within a reasonable timeframe.

Investment criteria:

  • Founding team combines business & tech experience and expertise
  • Ability to prove a technology understanding that’s rooted in reality rather than buzzwords
  • A product MVP or service project/customer
  • A clear, actionable business plan to generate revenue that relies on market data, supply/demand and a clear target audience, rather than fantasy

We take a data driven approach to our due diligence and pride ourselves on discipline when it comes to making decisions.

We are an active investor looking to add operational and strategic value to our investments as a true partner.

If you believe that you meet these criteria and that we can help you be successful then please contact us and send a copy of your business plan.