For Quantum Tech startups to build traction

The Ad Astra Accelerator is designed specifically for Quantum Tech startups of all types and origins that are looking to transition from science to revenue and are ready to scale commercial traction.

Quantum tech startups

All startups working within Quantum Computing Hardware, Software, QKD, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communications.

Committed to revenue

Strong scientific backing of your product or solution (proprietary IP, scientific capabilities, maturity of your product) is the sine qua non of any application. The difference to be accepted into our program will be in your readiness and dedication to go beyond basic research and start prospecting customers.


If this describes you then contact us to obtain the application form to share some of the fundamentals around your science and vision.

Interview process

We will go through a rigorous, scored interview process to assess mutual fit since we feel it is important to be good partner for the long haul.

Our Program

Metrics. Methodology. Team.

The program is fully virtual and lasts 4 months for each cohort – a 100% attendance record is mandatory and each month will end with a previously agreed upon milestone based on hard KPIs.

We reserve the right to discontinue our relationship if attendance is lacking or milestones missed.

  • A cohort will go through 3 – 5 cycles of the Flywheel with joint classes on each step and individual coaching & mentoring along the way.
  • Cohorts will be limited to 6 startups max, with a minimum of 3 for a class to go ahead.

Members benefit from:

  • Virtual classes on The flywheel methodology
  • Digital resources (videos, articles, books, case studies) on each
  • Weekly one-one-one and team mentoring according to the MIT approach
  • A library of fully reviewed legal documents to support your efforts (NDAs, agreements, incorporation)
  • Investor demo day
  • Membership to OneQuantum, the leading Quantum Tech startup community
  • Access to Interference Advisors datasets to help identify trends, customers, investors, etc
  • Digital networking events with Quantum Tech startups, vendors and investors
  • Access to an Alumni community with ongoing events, resources and networking
  • Strong starting valuation of your company

A mutually beneficial relationship

Our goal is build relationships for the long term and be mutually successful. Our terms reflect this.

Launch funding

Participation in our program comes with a $100K seed investment into your company in return for a 5% equity stake.

Strategic alignment

To ensure strategic alignment between us we will take on Chairmanship of your Board of Directors.

Follow on support

We reserve the first right of refusal to follow on investment rounds as our goal is to support you for the long-term.

contact information

write us or contact us on our social media