Your day to shine

Demo day
is your
to excel

On demo day every cohort member get’s to pitch their company in front of a selected panel of Quantum Tech investors.

These are investors who understand the technology, have previously invested in it or are interested in getting into it and are looking for potential investment opportunities.

We will help you shine.

We will break your success down into actionable tasks and perfect them one by one


A key deliverable during our cohort time, that we will work on together from day 1, is your pitch deck to investors. We will create and refine this every day until it’s perfect.


The core of every investor pitch are strong metrics. We will identify the ones most relevant to your company and take 4 months to build them out as much as possible.


Practice makes perfect. Which is why we will put you in front of your peers, friendlies, not so friendlies and anyone else that we can find to help you succeed.


Demo day is your first date with investors and, follow up has to be prompt and professional – we will prepare it together before the sun even rises on demo day.