Entanglement Capital Ad Astra is the leading Quantum Tech startup accelerator for those founders who are committed to be commercially successful.

Startup success is elusive and reserved to very few (statistically less than 3% of all startups). Startup success has no magic bullet, no secret sauce, no shortcuts.

Startup success is built on daily hustle, grit, creativity and sheer willpower. Most importantly, it is built on daily execution – building a real business rather than a sect that follows an infallible leader (aka processes, metrics, frameworks) – and being a little better today compared to yesterday.

This will not guarantee success by any means. But it will make your journey more tangible, faster and more likely to succeed. It will also make it a lot easier for enterprise customers and investors to work with you since after a seed or A round stage they will stop to be impressed by your PhD in Physics and your room temperature qubits.

This is what AD ASTRA offers you – the promise of sharing the latest, most tested tools, frameworks and approaches with you. Coach and mentor you in them. See you through your first few customers and put you on a path to autonomous scaling.

The AD ASTRA Flywheel

Our guiding principle will be the AD ASTRA Flywheel, which is designed to take an iterative, measurable approach to working towards your first customer – and grow from there based on hard learnings.

We will look at the 5 core elements to achieve this:

  1. Your story – we will define and test your vision, mission, brand, differentiator, value prop
  2. Your marketing – we will define, build and test your content, channels, calendar, targeting
  3. Solution selling – we will define and test your pricing, problem, ROI, buyer, revenue model, pitch
  4. POC – we will define and test your lead generation, CRM, scoring, follow up, closing
  5. Revenue – we will define and test your contracting, services, customer support, scaling

For each stages we will borrow one of the fundamental principles from the Lean Startup playbook to keep us honest:

  • Define – a specific goal (outcome) and approach. Write it down in a “charter”, assign owners, timelines, deliverables and document the process for future execution
  • Measure – based on dedicated, actionable metrics we will collect data from customers (through interviews, surveys, social media, etc)
  • Analyze – we will analyze that data before moving on to the next step in the flywheel
  • Improve – decisions will be made based on what the data says
  • Control – we will put in place a control procedure for each preceding step in the flywheel as we progress

Our goal will be to get through cycles of the flywheel as fast as possible, take the smallest steps, get real customer feedback and data, take the next step. Learn fast, fail fast, and ultimately succeed fast.

The AD ASTRA program

The AD ASTRA program is open only to Quantum Tech startups committed to commercial success. This means that you effectively offer a solution or product in:

  • Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Software
  • QKD
  • Quantum Sensing
  • Quantum Communications

And that you are able to demonstrate all of the following:

  • Strong scientific backing of your product or solution
  • Proprietary scientific IP and capabilities
  • Sufficient maturity of your product or solution
  • Readiness to go beyond basic research and prospect customers

Applications are open year round and we will hold classes whenever we have a minimum of 3 member startups for a cohort with a maximum of 6.

The program is fully virtual and lasts 4 months – a 100% attendance record is mandatory. A cohort will go through 3 – 5 cycles of the Flywheel with joint classes on each step and individual coaching & mentoring along the way. Members benefit from:

  • Virtual classes on
    • The flywheel methodology
    • Story – the importance and best practices of defining and living your story
    • Marketing – the best sales is continuous marketing, learn how to execute on it in a data driven way
    • Solution – people buy solutions, not products. Build your solution to a burning problem
    • POC – a rigorous, tedious approach to lead gen and conversion
    • Revenue – making your first customer the happiest customer ever so you will get your 2nd customer fast
  • Digital resources (videos, articles, books, case studies) on each
  • One-one-one mentoring according to the MIT approach
  • A library of fully reviewed legal documents to support your efforts (NDAs, agreements, incorporation)
  • Membership to OneQuantum
  • Access to Interference Advisors datasets to help identify trends, customers, investors, etc
  • Digital networking events
  • Investor demo day
  • Access to an Alumni community with ongoing events, resources and networking

The AD ASTRA program terms

We are not a capital investor but a startup accelerator. As such, startups will agree to a 5% equity share for participation in the program on a post money SAFE valuation, as well as a pro-rata right of 4% for subsequent rounds for Entanglement Capital.

We will also assume Chairmanship of your Board of Directors and agree on company statutes defining board and management duty to be reviewed formally on a quarterly basis.