Our North Star

Better, not perfect.

Our guiding principle will be the AD ASTRA Flywheel, which is designed to take an iterative, measurable approach to working towards your first customer – and grow from there based on measurable learnings.

Let’s tell an optimistic, unbiased Quantum Tech story.

We will look at the 5 core elements to achieve this:

  • Your story – we will define and test your vision, mission, brand, differentiator, positioning, value prop
  • Your marketing – we will define, build and test your content, channels, calendar, targeting
  • Solution selling – we will define and test your pricing, problem, ROI, buyer, revenue model, pitch
  • POC – we will define and test your lead generation, CRM, scoring, follow up, closing
  • Revenue – we will define and test your contracting, services, customer support, scaling

For each stages we will borrow one of the fundamental principles from the Lean Startup playbook to keep us honest – DMAIC:

  • Define – a specific goal (outcome) and approach. Write it down in a “charter”, assign owners, timelines, deliverables and document the process for future execution
  • Measure – based on dedicated, actionable metrics we will collect data from customers (through interviews, surveys, social media, etc)
  • Analyze – we will analyze that data before moving on to the next step in the flywheel
  • Improve – decisions will be made based on what the data says
  • Control – we will put in place a control procedure for each preceding step in the flywheel as we progress

Our goal will be to get through cycles of the flywheel as fast as possible, take the smallest steps, get real customer feedback and data, take the next step. Learn fast, fail fast, and ultimately succeed fast.