Sharing experience and failure

A good mentor does not tell you how it is. A good mentor asks you critical questions and guides you through the discovery process of all viable answers.

The ultimate decision is always up to you – our goal is to share best practices, experiences, frameworks, failures and successes with you in a critical dialogue to help accelerate your own, personal growth curve as an entrepreneur.

Our unique approach to mentoring

Multiple approaches for a better overall result.

One on one mentoring

As managing partner André M. König is your lead mentor and available one-on-one at all times to help guide you through any challenge you might face.

team mentoring

Our professional mentors will work with you as a team rather than one-on-one thus offering you a very different dynamic and value.


Instructors will deliver weekly course material live or via video to address the concepts and theory behind each milestone and step of the flywheel.


A full time operations manager is at hand to help you with any administrative or organizational matter.

In your corner to make you win.

We take mentoring seriously.


We follow a professional mentoring approach and rather than having a lot of mentors look to provide you with a team of 3 – 5 superbe mentors that will work with you as a team during the duration of the program.


All our mentors have first hand startup experience and are SMEs in sales, marketing, strategy, growth and even Quantum.

Paid mentors

We don’t rely on volunteers because, let’s be honest, to get the best you have to pay.


Our mentors are evaluated weekly by YOU and if they fail to meet expectations will not get paid.

Our Mentors

We don’t believe in having many mentors. We believe in having great mentors.

Christian Jorg

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Dobrovolsky

Quantum Computing

Team Member

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Team Member

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